DEAD END LIARS – Tongues, Tongues, Tongues


Danny Gaisford – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Scott Clarke – Drums


‘Chaotic fuzz zeal with a very English Britpop sensibility, DEL are sure to capture the collective imagination.’ – Sign or Die

‘The rhythm-heavy instrumentation of ‘Tongues Tongues Tongue’s is mixed perfectly and Danny Gaisford’s high end vocals, this short song is dark indie rock and once the groove starts, it won’t let go. Dead End Liars have found a niche, deceptively simple sound which is potentially complex at its core.’ – B-Side Music Magazine

‘Danny Gaisford playing an intro riff that tonally would be sure to get a nod of approval from a certain Mr Krist Novoselic. I believe you would struggle to find anyone who would refuse to not at least tap their foot along to drummer Scott Clarke’s steady beat, while the bass and vocal combo succeed in defining the song’s thick texture, which in my opinion also helps this band to stand out musically from most other two piece rock acts.’ –

‘The drum beat is really up beat and keeps you in it. Danny’s got a fantastic voice. This is specifically a Drum and Bass band. Which is very unique. I highly suggest these guys if your an Alternative/Rock fan.’ – Rhythm Reviews


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