Vintage Collection

Vintage Collection – Jailbreaker

Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Sleaze

Ace Vanity – Vox & Guitar @AceVanity
Ronnie Jay – Lead Guitar
Lexy Lipstikk – Bass & Backing Vox @LexyLipstikk
Källi Stixx – Drums & Backing Vox @KalliStixx



Vintage Collection formed in October 2009. With two line up changes which saw the arrival of Källi Stixx (early 2010) and then later the arrival of Ronnie Jay (September 2011), the band are releasing their debut album ‘Jailbreaker’ on the 24th September 2011 and ready to fuck your ears.

The band are booking gigs up and down the UK for 2011 and 2012, so you’re sure to catch these mutherfuckers if you pull your finger out your arse and look up the shows.
Stay updated on this fan page for all shows, tracks, photos, competitions and much more sexy stuff.

And remember, Hairspray, Make-Up and Spandex.. just that.. remember it.

Keep fuckin’ rockin’.

“Epic music that you can sing along too, but done with skill and technical ability, and the potential to crank out an album of anthems.” – Panic Magazine

“Very talented Hard Rock band called ‘Vintage Collection’, who completely stole the show. Although only just formed in October of last year, they show a very promising start for a band; brilliant musicians, cheeky, lively and fun to watch. During their performance they played a brilliant cover of “Toxic” that would make Britney Spears herself jealous!

This energetic young band put a lot into their performance and I cannot wait to see what else they produce in time to come.” – Alicia Court, Gazette

“They’re very loud” – Mayor of Brentwood


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